Doagh Methodist Church    



Mission Statement:
As we come together to worship the Lord may you not only experience the depth of His love but also feel the warmth and caring of our Church family.


Church Activities
(These activities take place from September until April/May)
Sunday Service of Worship 10am
  (Holy Communion—1st Sunday each month)
  (Family Service—4th Sunday each month)
  Sunday School & Bible Class - 10.15am
  Youth Fellowship (year 8 +) at 7 - 9pm
  Circuit Healing Service in Ballyclare 6.30pm (1st Sunday each month)

Coffee Morning - 1st Monday each month 10 - 11.30am

MWI—1st & 3rd Monday (venue varies) at 7.45pm

Wednesday Bible Study (4th Wednesday) at 8pm
Saturday Men’s Breakfast at 8.30am (1st Sat)

Family Service (Micah)- May 2014


Family Service (Moses & the Last Plague) -May 2013


Fellowship after the family service

Measuring up for sandals in the desert
Holy ground

We have a family service the fourth Sunday of each month in Doagh. Children are welcome and play a big part in the service, which is very informal. In this service we were learning about "holiness" and how we should approach God. The children made sandals to take home! We try to make the bible stories come alive with drama, song and interactive prayer.

Doagh Fellowship Group on a Walk in Antrim Castle Gardens - May 2013


Superintendent Minister   Rev Stephen Thompson
Circuit Steward   Kyle McAdam
Circuit Secretary   -
Circuit Treasurer    
Circuit Property Steward   Kyle McAdam


Doagh Church Council    
Society Steward   David McKendry
Society Secretary   Pascale Bailie
Society Treasurer   Deborah Rosbotham
Society Property Steward   Kyle McAdam
Elected Representatives    
To serve 3 years    
To serve 2 years    
To serve 1 year    


Church History

The first Methodist Chapel at The Entry, Doagh was erected on the present site in 1799.  It was described as ‘a humble structure 16 feet square’ and served the needs of the Methodist community until 1844 when it was demolished and a new Church erected, which was opened free of debt.  The building was lovingly maintained through the years with repairs being done in 1912 and in 1979 a vestry, kitchen and toilets were added.

Successive generations of families have held membership of the Church since its opening to the present time.  The area surrounding the village of Doagh has seen tremendous change with many housing developments taking place.  Those who have come to live in the area and share in the fellowship of the Church have found warm welcome and new members have quickly integrated into its life and work. 

The congregation undertook a very ambitious building scheme in 1998, enlarging the Church and completely renovating and restoring the entire property and enhancing the ancillary facilities by the provision of first floor accommodation.  A Flower Festival was held in 1999 to give thanks for the work completed and for 200 years of witness on this site.

In 2008 the congregation took on further improvements to their property by installing a new kitchen in an upstairs room and in the former kitchen, changing it into a comfortable meeting room with soft furnishings. 

The Methodist Congregation in Doagh seeks to continue the mission for which under God our forefathers first built on this site, namely, to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and to offer Christian Service in the community. 







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