Ballyclare Methodist Church



Mission Statement:
This Church exists to worship God, proclaim His Word, and share His love and compassion for all.


Church Activities
(These activities take place from September until April/May. Fun Bowls continues during the summer on a Wednesday night)
Sunday Sunday School & Bible Class - 10.15am
  Service of Worship 11.30am
  (Holy Communion—1st Sunday each month)
  Youth Fellowship (year 8 +) in Doagh at 7 - 9pm
  Circuit Healing Service in Ballyclare 6.30pm (1st Sunday each month)

Coffee Morning in Doagh 10 - 11.30am (1st Monday each Month)

MWI—1st & 3rd Monday (venue varies) at 7.45pm

Tuesday Mothers & Toddlers at 9.30am
  GB Explorers 3-7 years 6.00-7.15pm
    Company 8+ years 7.00-9.15pm
Wednesday Friendship Circle at 10.30am (Mixed Group for Senior Citizens)
  Bowling Club at 7.30pm
Friday Table Tennis at 7pm
Saturday Men's Breakfast in Doagh at 8.30am (1st Sat)
  Fun Bowls at 7.30pm


Superintendent Minister   Rev Stephen Thompson
Circuit Steward   Kyle McAdam
Circuit Secretary   -
Circuit Treasurer   -
Circuit Property Steward   Kyle McAdam


Ballyclare Church Council    
Society Steward   Desmond McDonald
Society Secretary   -
Society Treasurer   Tom Abraham
Society Property Steward   Alan Munce
Elected Representatives    
To serve 3 years    
To serve 2 years    
To serve 1 year    

Church History

Few records appear to have been kept about the early part of the Ballyclare Church history.  The church was built in 1828 and a large hall was added around 1950.  After suffering many times from the river flooding the property, major renovations took place in 2000 when the floors were raised by half a metre. The large hall was realigned allowing for more rooms both downstairs and upstairs.  A new kitchen and toilets were installed, 2 additional rooms downstairs, and the vestry and choir room upstairs.  In 2005, when new windows were installed in the church, three stained glass windows were added.








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